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Looking for water fed poles that are a step above the competition? Look no further than Simpole, Inc!

Our unique designs are lightweight, incredibly tough, and loved by window cleaners across the globe.[/vc_column_text]


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Water Poles for Window Cleaning


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    Our Selection of Window Cleaning Water Poles

    At SimPole, Inc, we serve window cleaners not just in Arizona but worldwide. Our cleaning water poles are tough, lightweight, and will help you clean windows more effectively. We offer a wide selection of water poles for window cleaning and related accessories to help you do the job right. Here is a brief overview of the items we carry.

    Why SimPoles are high quality water fed poles . We used Ultra high Mod 42. msi on poles 30 feet or less and ultral high mod on 40-66 feet

    Types of carbon fiber depending on Modulus
    Ultra High modulus ( Modulus > 500GPa ) Ex: Pitch
    High modulus ( Modulus 300-500GPa ) Ex: PAN
    Intermediate modulus ( Modulus 100-300GPa ) Ex: PAN
    Low modulus ( Modulus < 100GPa ) Ex: Isotropic Pitch, Rayon based carbon fiber
    • SimPole: We offer a wide selection of SimPole products to fit your cleaning needs. Our product line offers various lengths and materials to match your specific goals and our product catalog includes the popular Shogun, Samurai, and Kevlar models in various lengths, the super sturdy Tomahawk, and more. We can help your business grow and advise on the right equipment to make that happen.
    • Water Fed Pole Accessories: The right accessories are a key part of doing the job safely and effectively. We carry commonly needed items such as nylon brushes, heavy-duty hoses, hog hair and ash wood brushes, and hog hair brushes with a choice of jets or fans. No matter the need we can provide the accessories you’re looking for.
    • Solar Panel Cleaning: Solar panels are a common addition to many homes and businesses and look to become even more popular in sunny Arizona. Our products can help you clean solar panels without damage to the surface. Our SimPoles, hog hair brushes, and pure water system can provide you with the equipment needed to safely clean solar panels.
    • Pure Water: For a thorough clean you need high-quality water. The RO/DI Pure Water System PH-7 is a USA-made stainless steel tank designed to purify and filter your water before you start cleaning. The PH-7’s dolly design also makes it easy to transport and move as you work a job. It is designed to provide you with the highest quality results for window cleaning.