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I bought my first SimPole and pure water system from Phil about 6 years ago, so here is my 6 years worth of experience and thoughts on this window cleaning product:
In the 6 years, I’ve bought several more SimPole’s (about 8 total) becasue I simply think they are the best waterfed pole in the business for the money. There are other more expensive poles out there, and SimPole is not the cheapest waterfed pole, but in my opinion, it is the best.
They are light weight, and very durable.
We have 2 locations in our state, I’ve got about 30 guys who work in our company, so these poles are thrown in backs of our trucks, hauled around to multiple jobs per week, and really put to the test.
The poles themselves never break. The locking clamps do now and then, but that’s simple wear. Phile always sends me replacements very fast when I reach out and ask him for replacement clamps.
I’m not sure if SimPole is the tallest waterfed pole or the longest lasting waterfed pole on the market, but it has to be pretty darn close!
I’ve gotten shorty small 3 section poles all the way up to the big ones that go 70ft high. My guys love all of them! I didn’t think I would like the shorty 3 sections that extends 20ft, but they are the envy of all the guys here. I give them to my best guys and the others drool over them 🙂

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SimPole has Designed their own brand of water fed poles from 2007. they now us the best 63 msi and 42 msi carbon fibre inside every pole and AR Kevlar outside for a light, stiff, beautiful SimPole. the 4 main Sim’s and our clamps are made in our excursive Chinese factory . The TomaHawk Is made in North America with Clamps we has made In Phx. but we now used The Chinese one because the fit better.

 SimPoles below

Each SimPole has a unique design of an inner layer of ultra- high-modulus carbon fibre ( 40′ 50′ 60′ 72 sims)

and and ( 30′ intermediate high- mod) (3.7 x 4 12′ Trad/wfp IHM) with colour Tuff Kevlar outside on all Sims!

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SimShorty “Saber” WFP of Trad

Sim-Samurai -42 MSI -Kevlar 3′.5″-30′.6″

Shogun / Kevlar 60 ‘ $2475 12 Sections WFP ShoGun Sale (

54 extension pole Excalibur AK

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66′ Foot 72′ Reach

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WFP-SimSky Ultra Hi-mod Blue Kevlar 66′ Water-Fed Pole with free Trad

















Go shop page to see all are great designed ultra-high mod colour Kevlar poles!

Our USA-designs  poles are lightweight, durable, and come with the expert service and advice you need. A product made by window cleaners, for window cleaners.

We’ve decades of experience -55 years  in the cleaning industry, so why not get in touch today and see how we can help you grow your business.

Giovanni Barredo  recommends SimPoleInc.

I have a 45’ pole from a different company but I got a job that requires a 60’ pole. I contacted Phil from SimPole and discussed with him exactly what I needed. He was very accommodating. His website does not offer bare poles, but when I told Phil I didn’t need a brush or pole hose he was very happy to provide me with exactly what I wanted. Even though I live in Canada, shipping was very fast. In comparison to my current pole the Simpole is definitely more rigid. I can definitely tell that the high-mod carbon fiber SimPole uses is going to make controlling the brush so much easier. The clamps are much better than what is used on my first pole. For anyone getting into the water-fed pole game, or if you are looking to add a high mod pole to your arsenal, SimPole should be high on your list of poles to buy!! Thanks Phil!!


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