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Water fed poles are tools that are used to clean windows, solar panels, and other surfaces with pure water. They have a long pole that can reach high places, a brush that can scrub the dirt, and a hose that can spray the water. Water fed poles are made of different materials, such as aluminum, fiberglass, or carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is a very strong and light material that makes the poles easier to handle and more durable.

63 MSI carbon fiber is a type of high modulus carbon fiber that has a tensile modulus of 63 million pounds per square inch. This means that it is very stiff and resistant to deformation under stress. High modulus carbon fibers are usually made from pitch, a viscous organic substance derived from coal or petroleum1They are used for applications that require high stiffness and low weight, such as aerospace, defense, and sports equipment2.

Water fed poles with 63 MSI carbon fiber are very rare and expensive, because they are the most advanced and highest quality poles available. They are very light and rigid, which makes them ideal for cleaning large and difficult areas. They can also last longer than other poles, because they are more resistant to wear and tear. However, they are also more fragile and prone to damage if not handled properly.

According to my web search results, there is only one company that produces water fed poles with 63 MSI carbon fiber, which is SimPole. SimPole is a brand name for a company that produces water fed poles for window cleaning. They claim to have the best poles in the business, made from high quality carbon fiber and Kevlar. They also offer pure water systems, brushes, hoses, and accessories for window cleaners34.

One of their products is the WFP-73’ SimSky Ultra Hi-mod 63 MSI Blue AR Kevlar, which is a water fed pole that has an inner 63 MSI ultra-high modulus carbon fiber inside over 70% with Kevlar outer layer for a durable finish. It has 11 sections, each 6’ 7″ long, and weighs only 12 pounds. It can reach up to 74 feet straight up, and comes with a hose reel, a nylon brush, and a free short section for low areas3.

This water fed pole is one of the most expensive poles on the market, costing $2,800.00. It is designed for professional window cleaners who need a high performance pole for commercial jobs. It is not recommended for beginners or casual users, because it requires special care and maintenance.

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