SimPole, Inc window washing equipment is the brainchild of Philip Alexander who has been a window cleaner since 1970.

When water fed pole cleaning was first introduced to the industry, Philip quickly recognized that it was going to change how many people worked and recognized the many advantages on offer – but he also saw many places where improvements could be made, and so SimPole, Inc window washing equipment was born.

Early water fed poles were very heavy, very flexible, had very long sections – and in some cases were simply not suitable for the job.

Philip got to work and SimPole, Inc was born. The unique design has an inner layer of hid-modulus carbon fiber which gives a remarkably lightweight, strong and stiff pole. The outer layer provides wear resistance and strength.

SimPole, Inc is an industry leading producer of high-quality water fed pole systems for the window cleaning industry. For over 15 years! How old is your water fed pole?

Our USA-made and designed poles are lightweight, durable, and come with the expert service and advice you need. A product made by window cleaners, for window cleaners.

“High modulus and ultra-high modulus fibers are sometimes called pitch fiber. Pitch fiber starts as a different raw material than standard or intermediate modulus fibers and uses a different manufacturing process. High modulus carbon fiber has a rating of at least 42 MSI while, ultra-high modulus is rated beginning at 65 MSI.”

We’ve decades of experience in the cleaning industry, so why not get in touch today and see how we can help you grow your business.

Some may wonder why the ph7 guys hangout with Phil the simpole man?

The fact of the matter is Phil has developed some fantastic poles.

Phill has spent $?????? Dollars on prototype poles over the years, also he has always been a window cleaner, like me Myron, and you guys, reading this post. The poles that Phil makes are from years of experience in window cleaning, and also in building WFP. Also, all the prototyping Phil has done has led the water fed poles to new levels of performance. Us here at ph7 pure waiter systems inc. we also are window cleaner, like you, and we like great equipment, that can stand up to the test of time with endurance, like the new simpole , that is why we stand by simpole. Granted simpole cost more money but you get what you pay for.

I Myron use simple’s every day, and have for many years, and in my opinion, Myron ,simpole are the and most rigid pole out there for window cleaners, and I do not care about any bad reputation that has been put out there from the past, the truth about the matter is in the poles that Phil has made or simple’s, speaks about how great they are.

Also, ph7 pure water system Inc. Support any great tools out there that make window cleaners life easier…… no????? Ask

We are window cleaners….


More Information About Our Window Cleaning Equipment

The earliest water-fed poles we game changers in the window cleaning industry; however, they were not without design flaws that made use on the job more difficult than it needed to be. Early poles were very long, heavy, and highly flexible. This made it difficult to use in certain jobs. The SimPole eliminates these issues by being lightweight, shorter, and very sturdy.

The SimPole is constructed of high modulus and ultra-high modulus fibers, sometimes referred to as pitch fibers. The manufacturing process for pitch fiber is unique and uses different raw materials than related fibers, such as standard or intermediate modulus fibers. Pitch fiber is also strong, with high modulus fiber having an MSI (million pounds per square inch) of 45 and ultra-high modulus fiber having an MSI rating of 65. Proudly designed and hand crafted made in the USA, our window cleaning water poles are not just high-quality but come with the service and support you both need and expect. We can help your business grow and provide the specialized tools you need to do the best work possible. Our products are designed by window cleaners, for window cleaners.

SimPole, Inc’s Lifetime Limited Warranty

Our equipment comes with a lifetime limited warranty. This means that when you purchase our products, any defects or manufacturing flaws are covered for the life of the product. This includes both parts and entire product replacements. Please note our warranty does not cover damage caused by negligence or improper upkeep. If you wish to make a warranty claim reach out to us for the best course of action.

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At SimPole, Inc, we pride ourselves on prompt customer service. We aim to respond to any email inquiries within one business day when possible. However, when you need a prompt response, feel free to give us a call. We can also be reached by traditional mail.

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    Have you heard about the SimPole, Inc Window Washing Equipment Lifetime Limited Warranty?

    What does the limited Life Time warranty cover?
    The limited warranty covers any defects in material or workmanship under normal use during the lifetime of the poles!

    SimPole, Inc will repair or replace, at no charge, products or parts of a product that proves defective because of improper material or workmanship, under normal use and maintenance.

    How long does the warranty coverage last?
    Warranty coverage is good for Limited Lifetime from the date of purchase with few exceptions as follows.
    SimPole Clamps bodies carry a lifetime warranty from the time of purchase.
    SimPole Carbon Fiber Poles carry a Limited Lifetime warranty in normal usage from the time of purchase.

    What does this limited warranty NOT cover?

    • Damage caused by customer negligence. 1. Dropping the pole off a building, Running it over with a Truck!
    • 2. Not maintaining the rubber caps which we will provide for free if they get lost or drop off a pole.
    • 3 Drop the clamps on the clement to cause them they break.

    What do you have to do?
    To obtain warranty service, you must first contact us to determine the problem and the most appropriate solution for you. simhighreach@gmail.com or 928-237-4189

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     Water Fed Pole Designed?

    The first over top carbon fiber pole in 2000 was 10 foot section and 8.0 ID carbon fiber very heavy .

    The Unger, Gardiner, SimPoles , Facelift, were some of Brands that got going in 2000- 2007 . They all have come a very long way from then and below is the reason why!

    So that bring us to what is Carbon Fiber?

    Carbon fibers or carbon fibers are fibers about 5 to 10 micrometers in diameter and composed mostly of carbon atoms. Carbon fibers have several advantages: high stiffness, high tensile strength, high strength to weight ratio, high chemical resistance, high-temperature tolerance, and low thermal expansion. Wikipedia

    Molecular weight: 12.01 americanelements.com


    What is carbon fiber made from?

    About 90% of the carbon fibers produced are made from polyacrylonitrile (PAN). The remaining 10% are made from rayon or petroleum pitch. All of these materials are organic polymers, characterized by long strings of molecules bound together by carbon atoms.


    What does PAN mean for wfp?


    Ultra high elastic modulus type (UHM)     Ultra High Mod around 63 msi  light, stiff, most expensive wfp 3 SimPoles used this inside 40/50/60 with Kevlar outside

    Tensile elastic modulus: 600 GPa or higher
    Tensile strength: 2,500 MPa or higher

    High elastic modulus type (HM)             

    Tensile elastic modulus: 350-600 GPa   Some have this around 55 msi
    Tensile strength: 2,500 MPa or higher

    Intermediate elastic modulus type (IM)  42 msi very few wfp have this in them 2 simPoles used the 12/30

    Tensile elastic modulus: 280-350 GPa
    Tensile strength: 3,500 MPa or higher

    Standard elastic modulus type (HT)     33 msi  lower end  pole’s  have this  have this

    Tensile elastic modulus: 200-280 GPa    22 msi
    Tensile strength: approximately 2,500 MPa or higher

    Low elastic modulus type (LM)          18 msi

    Tensile elastic modulus: 200 GPa or lower
    Tensile strength: 3,500 MPa or lower

    What is Tensile strength? It really the breaking point of the carbon

    Types of carbon fiber depending on Modulus

    • Ultra High modulus ( Modulus > 500GPa ) Ex: Pitch Gardiner , Unger, SimPole, CWC , Windows 101, xero,
    • High modulus ( Modulus 300-500GPa ) Ex: PAN 55msi SimPole
    • Intermediate modulus ( Modulus 100-300GPa ) Ex: PAN 42 msi SimPole
    • Low modulus ( Modulus < 100GPa ) Ex: Isotropic Pitch, Rayon based carbon fiber 33 msi Gardiner , Unger, SimPole, CWC , Windows 101, xero,
    • Some used Faber Glass to but they bend so much they are only good for a short 8 foot trad

    Types of carbon fiber depending on Final Heat Treatment Temperature

    • Type I: In case of this carbon fiber final heat treatment temperature remains above 2000°C. This type of carbon fiber is high modulus type fiber.
    • Type II: Final heat treatment temperature for this type incorporates around or above 1500°C and this temperature yields high strength type carbon fiber.
    • Type III: Final heat treatment temperature for this type incorporates around or below 1000°C and this temperature yields low strength type carbon fiber.




    Major Usage


    A yarn constituted of numerous number of fiber: twisted, untwisted, twisted-and-untwisted

    Resin reinforcement material for CFRP, CFRTP or C/C composites, having such usage as Aircraft/Aerospace equipment, sporting goods and industrial equipment parts


    An untwisted bundle of yarn constituted of extremely numerous number of fiber


     The type used for wfp

    3k was started be used in 2010 or so

    What is 3K carbon fiber?

    What does the ‘3k’ mean? ‘3k’ is the filament count or tow size. It simply means that each ‘bunch’ of carbon fibers that this cloth is woven from is made up of 3000 individual carbon filaments. Bigger counts (6k, 12k etc.) means chunkier ‘bunches’ of carbon so chunkier fabrics.


    It made a better finish and often was sanded and many are clear coated.

     If carbon come off on your hands there no coating and you can car wax it might  take care of that problem .


     The very first wfp were just plain 1.3 ID carbon Fiber which made for a very reasonable price wfp. Was not very strong and would break under its own weight.


    Now that I mention I.D what I that? It really mean’s how much carbon fiber is in a section of a pole.


    1.6 ID which very few poles have this much any more


    CF Wing Tube – 25 O/D x 907mm length x 1.6 wall thk – AMR RC



    $106.59 CAD*·Brand: Pilot RC

    CF Wing Tube – 25 O/D x 907mm length x 1.6 wall thk

    https://amr-rc.com/cf-wing-tube-25-o-d-x-907mm-length-x-1-6-wall-thk.html  That’s for only one section!


    Is Kevlar stronger than carbon fiber?

    When used in boat manufacturing for example, carbon fiber allows for boats to be lighter and stronger. Kevlar has a high toughness which is useful for things like bullet resistant clothing, but Kevlar fiber has a lower tensile strength than carbon fiber.

    What is the strongest weave of carbon fiber?

    4 Harness-Satin Carbon Fiber Pattern
    There are a number of other weaves that can be used to create carbon fiber fabrics. These include fish weave, spread tow, braids, unidirectional weave and custom weaves. Each weave contains unique properties that make it great for use in some designs and not a good choice for others. Many factors must be considered when determining which carbon fiber weave should be used for a particular function. These factors include strength, formability, stability, and crimp. Carbon fiber fabricators are experts in knowing which fabric to use for which design.
    Supposedly one of the strongest structural weaves.



    The Diving Board

    Think of a wooden diving board. You’re standing on one end, and it’s supported on the other end. As the board flexes under your weight, the shape changes. If you measure the differences using a variety of weights, the data points will create a slope, which creates your Modulus of Elasticity. The rigidity of the diving board depends on the type of wood used. Douglas Fir has a Modulus of Elasticity of 13 GPa (1.9 Msi). Oak has an E value of 11 GPa (1.6 Msi), and pine is 9 GPa (1.3 Msi), which is more flexible than Douglas Fir. Modern-day diving boards are made of aircraft-grade aluminum 69 GPa (10 Msi)

    (E value of bone is 76 GPa (11 Msi)). With carbon fibers, you get a Modulus of Elasticity starting around 228 GPa (33 Msi), while some high rigidity carbon fiber materials have E values of 760 GPa (110 Msi).

    Lots of this comes from the web to show the difference between most water fed poles so now I will break down to make is simpole.

    If a pole bends a lot there is many factors going on. The more bend the cheaper type of MSI like 33 msi with less bend it more like 63 msi.

    A 100% MSI wfp will crack so that why many manufactures put 3k on the outside or even Kevlar .

    How many wraps is key to. Most poles are 1.2 ID to 1.5. If a manufacture cannot tell you how the pole is made them likely they are not making the design.

    So there is a balance in how much a manufacture puts in their poles .

    Price, most poles with CF go from $25 to $950

    stiffness, your pole will  be around $1600

    durability, Few last over 10 years more like$ 2,800

    lightness, Go with 63 msi and Kevlar on the outside for disability.


    Thing’s to look for

    1. 63 msi or Ultra High Mod for stiffness
    2. 4 to 1.5 ID for very long lasting pole with much carbon fiber in it.
    3. The outer Kevlar looks the coolest and is the toughest type of of pole
    4. Order the best made designed Kevlar pole now

      Excalibur AK