With Teck 7 to used with less then 200 tds . Note no DI or Ro needed!  2   -22-Rotating-Solar-Panel-Cleaning-Brush-22.html

Comes with 33 msi 4 section 4.7 each Green Kevlar 18 Feet   Add $450 for battery set up!



  • Dual Brush design scrubs away surface dust, mold and bird droppings with ease
  • Counter rotating bruses stabilize the system on the panel allowing for easy control with superior cleaning power.
  • 25 inch cleaning path with an 18ft brush makes quick work of most panels systems cleaning 1.2MW to 1.6MW per 8 hour day
  • Very Efficient cleaning 5000 to 8000 square feet per hour, depending on access, Reliable components offers long service life
  • Low Water use design offers a eco-friendly, responsible cleaning method consuning 2 to 3 gallons per minute



Double Head Balance Power Cleaning Brush

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