I would also like to give a big shout out to Philip Phillip SimPole Man Alexander last year at this time I had some thieves steal my waterfed poles and over half my equipment I needed to try a new type of waterfed pole and decided I would go with someone from the United States a little guy so to speak Phil had this pole put together for me in a day it was to my door by the end of the week all the way from Arizona I was still able to do my jobs I had scheduled even though all my equipment had gotten stolen the quality is unbelievable and so is his service I also got the new Kevlar Excalibur Pole from him which is even more unbelievable than the other simpoles of which I can’t thank him enough for it has been invaluable it is grippy it doesn’t get torn up on gutters it’s like a rock that is so super lightweight I can’t believe every day I have this quality in my hands thanks to him he has made this crazy year unbelievably happy for me.. his poles are so versatile I can use my waterfed squeegees wagtail brushes scrubbers you name it all of it fits perfectly that combined with the power wash super-tip that Vic Vic Irish made this year for us and it has completely transformed the entire day for me everyday is like 80-100 % better than what it ever was.. before I got Phil’s poles I was afraid to use my water fed poles everyday I felt they might not hold up so I would use the cheap Unger ones a lot that has changed Phil’s poles hold up! 😎👍




Over the top Pole from 2001!