USA made Soft Wash Tip


USA made Soft Wash Tip

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Fits on most poles!

  • Marc Tanner

    I have the vics tips we tried 50 feet on a hospital with a simpole Excalibur we used an air diaphragm pump which had 5/8 hose then reduced to 3/8 I will say we were able to set the pole on ground and aim and turn to wet the building but anything at 50 feet will wear you out . We eventually took the tip and hose to roof got 6,5,4 from roof finished 3 2 1 with the pole at 30 feet which was manageable. The tip is great the pole is great the delivery system great its just imo not a solution at that height
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    • Johnny Kimmel

      Marc Tanner good point when you spin it like that the air up there makes it go really far it’s pretty sweet to be able to just spin the pole on the ground it’s why I put those tennis balls on the bottom it seems to make it easier to pivot it.. it’s really cool to be able to do a 12-ft sweep like that whenever I hook it up Jonathan thinks it takes longer but the amount of coverage you can do so quick in the long run makes it faster


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