Kevlar Excalibur 32 ‘ Water Fed Pole Ultra High Mod 63 MSI


Ultra-High Modulus Kevlar Water Fed Pole with Sim Nylon football brush (10′ nylon) and 100 feet of 3/8  super sim WFP hose[0]=AZUGSFinZ5b1K4s5kyKc8qYO18sSphTnP95ey58C6_brXR2ENbmQ-Fyg9bSLXITYSUEY5WefTwln9NsPKLOw-2EtkfVmqVgt_Xn4IQsth3HEiXREDPk2-3XG_fKZHiCGklFwtn63DZniAQxefFcww9E3eeYPyAp3TwIA0pG11nKIUvTBts-GYeP9GgiDwq1lxby8as_MdC9vYMfgrhldrOx8&__tn__=*bH-y-R


4.7 x 8 37.6  – 3.6 for overlap 34 + 6 + 40-foot pole



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I have a 45’ pole from a different company but I got a job that requires a 60’ pole. I contacted Phil from SimPole and discussed with him exactly what I needed. He was very accommodating. His website does not offer bare poles, but when I told Phil I didn’t need a brush or pole hose he was very happy to provide me with exactly what I wanted. Even though I live in Canada, shipping was very fast. In comparison to my current pole, the SimPole is definitely more rigid. I can definitely tell that the high mod carbon fiber SimPole uses is going to make controlling the brush so much easier. The clamps are much better than what is used on my first pole. For anyone getting into the water fed pole game, or if you are looking to add a high mod pole to your arsenal, SimPole should be high on your list of poles to buy!! Thanks, Phil!!

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