water fed pole ShoGun 36 ‘ $1299 8 sections


Best Home / Commercial water fed pole ShoGun

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ReplyCommented on by Phillip Alexander 1h Anthony Arballo I have a wide selection of poles and done tons of research on just about every poles that has been made and continue to keep up with the latest. So I must say that my personal preference is hands down SimPoleInc .In fact the only one I mostly use every day is the SimPole Excalibur. Too me the rigidity, quality, price and warranty is the BEST that money can buy. Thank you! No photo description available.

On sale  ShoGun from SimPole ! Add 9/10 for $201.00

The ShoGun water-fed pole was designed over serval years with much input from real window cleaners who have used the SimPole designs over the years!

1. Closed length 1-8 6′ 1-10 6.8

2. Fully extended  length  1-8 28′ 1-10 45′

3. working reach 1-8 33′ 1-10 42′

4. Weight pole only 1-8 5.5 1-10 6.5

5. pole only during the sale

6. ultra high mod 3k

We have an inner ultra-high modulus carbon fiber inside, with a 3k carbon fiber outer layer for a beautiful finish!

Comes with a football 10 brush and a 50′ 3/8 hose with all connectors



ShoGun Water fed Pole by SimPole

ShoGun Water fed Pole by SimPole


13 Years in the making