SimSky Ultra Hi-mod Blue Kevlar 66′ Water-Fed Pole


ultra-high mod kevlar



  1. 1-11 sections
  2. Reach 75 ‘ feet
  3. closed length 8′ feet
  4. weight 12 pounds
  5. drop sections 6 feet each.
  6. only 6″ overlap not 14″
  7. Ultra High Mod 63 msi over 70% inside out blur Kevlar
  8. Light! Strong!

The SimSky pole was designed over serval years with much input from real window cleaners who have used the SimPole designs over the years!

We have an inner 63 MSI ultra-high modulus carbon fiber inside over 70% with Kevlar outer layer for a durable finish.

This makes it a very light strong pole with the all  sections 6 feet for 6.5 pounds.

its the 5 floors commercial pole

Ultra-High Modulus/ Kevlar A REAL 66′ FOOT POLE


Ultra-high Mod 63 MSI Inside each section and tough Kevlar outside!

10 sections, each 6′ 7″ long.

Shop with confidence! With over 50 years of experience in the window cleaning industry and a focus on customer satisfaction, you’re in good hands!

Additional information

Pole Length

33\\\\\\\' foot 44\\\\\\\' foot, 66\\\\\\\' foot


33, 44, 55, 66


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