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Sim-Samurai -uhm -Kevlar 34.6 x 6 24′ 4×6 24 for 48′



    • Comes with a Nylon brush, 50 feet of hose, a Small DI tank with for $450 more

    • Pole only is $1599.00   48 foot
    •  Everything you need to clean your home windows
    • only 8 pound
    • New Design 4.7 x 6 24  and 4x 6 24  for 48 foot $1,599.00
    • high stiffness,
    • high tensile strength
    • low weight to strength ratio
    • high temperature tolerance low thermal expansion
    • high chemical resistance
    • High modulus and ultra-high modulus fibers are sometimes called pitch fiber. Pitch fiber starts as a different raw material than standard or intermediate modulus fibers and uses a different manufacturing process.
    • High modulus carbon fiber has a rating of at least 42 MSI while, ultra-high modulus is rated beginning at 65 MSI.
    • Intermediate Modulus Carbon Fiber
      Intermediate modulus (IM) carbon fibers exhibit a tensile modulus of about 42 Msi, with Toray’s IM+ T1100
      carbon fiber pushing this range up to 47 Msi. A broad range of IM fibers is available with a mix of price and
      performance characteristics to meet the needs of aerospace, industrial, and recreational applications.
    •  next to Sim Sky which are 6.5 feet each!
    • May be an image of outdoors