Excalibur AK



Better than the original with improved UHM Kevlar Aramid $1699.00 with brush reel 100 feet 5/16 hoselight weight 3 pounds

Great long lasting SimPoles

Stiffer, Stronger Better, buy now on sale  and add a wfp/trad for only $275.00 3.7 x 4 12 ‘ !  All SimPole section’s are is total interchangeable !

What is Aramid Kevlar besides being more expensive    then other Kevlar because we want the best in our SimPoles!

SimPole’s are best made and designed water fed pole by a window cleaner with 35 years using WFP . Few USA vendor’s can say that!

An Overview of Aramid Fibers and SimPoles inner designed.

Ultra high elastic modulus type (UHM)     Ultra High Mod around 63 msi  light, stiff, most expensive wfp 3 SimPoles used this inside 40/50/60 with Kevlar outside

Tensile elastic modulus: 600 GPa or higher
Tensile strength: 2,500 MPa or higher

High elastic modulus type (HM)             

Tensile elastic modulus: 350-600 GPa   Some have this around 55 msi
Tensile strength: 2,500 MPa or higher

Intermediate elastic modulus type (IM)  42 msi very few wfp have this in them 2 simPoles used the 12/30

Tensile elastic modulus: 280-350 GPa
Tensile strength: 3,500 MPa or higher

Standard elastic modulus type (HT)     33 msi  lower end  pole’s  have this  have this

Tensile elastic modulus: 200-280 GPa    22 msi
Tensile strength: approximately 2,500 MPa or higher


If you want like best Product’s, then go no farther than a SimPole!